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Contracts Management Specialist (DocuSign/SpringCM)

Bangalore, Bangalore
Role: Contracts Management Specialist (DocuSign/SpringCM)
Location: 100% Remote
Duration: Fulltime
Shift Timing: 3:00 PM to 12:00 PM IST

The Job description is below
All we need is a basic admin who knows Docusign-Spring CM. This is more of a basic data correction position. The client wants a team of resources in India to look at existing contracts in Docusign-Spring CM and fill certain fields. They will need to overlap 4 hours with PST.
The Money Matter's team makes money easy to see and manage. We oversee the entire budget for the global IT-Eng organization. We have deeper responsibilities in software asset management. This is quite a feat given the scale and complexity of our operation with the number of vendors, employees, countries we operate in, and pace of transactions!
For Software Asset Management, we are stewards of a substantial global 3rd party software portfolio. We are responsible to deliver the right policy, process, and tools to connect Clients to the best and cost-effective software solution. We are marching towards minimizing software overlap, reducing waste, and know our license utilization at all times as renewals happen every week.
This role will utilize your background in rationalization/demand management, negotiations, purchase orders, influencing and communication to keep an efficient portfolio. We are a critical part of helping Client along the road to profitability!

What You'll Do
• You are familiar with software contracts and can discern contract start date, end date, and determine if it has language enabling Client to Terminate for Convenience and other key concepts.
• You have experience in contract management systems and can add or review contract meta-data to ensure it is accurate.

What You'll Need
• Minimum of 3 years’ experience in contract administration or contract management with a focus on software contracts.
• Impeccable customer service skills, listening skills.
• Understand a broad range of Software contracts.

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