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Change Coordinator

Remote, West Coast Preferred
Location: Remote
Duration: 9 months (likely extensions)
· Discovery Tool Management
o Request the Discovery information from the Engineering Coordinator for the switches identified in the work effort scope.
o Analyze the discovery information to identify and document the applications, platforms and owners
· Communications
o Distribute 30-day communications to identified application, device/appliance and platform contacts
o Distribute follow-ups communications to obtain responses as needed
o Coordinate and host meetings with teams as needed/requested
o Distribute technical bridge for Night of Migration
· Service Now Change Request
o Create Change Request (CRQ)
o Create and assign tasks
o Create additional Service Requests as needed
o Complete Change Request Work Details sections
o Coordinate and host MOP Review meetings
o Submit CRQ for approval
§ Pending Change Manager Review
o Follow up on CRQ approvals
§ Attend Change Advisory Board (CAB) meetings (if needed)
§ Complete Request for More Information (RMIs)
· Pre-Migration Activities
o Confirm assignment and understanding of Change Management role and responsibilities for Night of Migration, assigned by the Change Team Lead.
o Finalize and confirm necessary artifacts are prepared, stored and distributed prior to change
o Host and conduct the Go/No-Go Meeting
· Day of Migration (Responsible for completing one or more of the activities as assigned by the Change Team Lead):
o Implementation Pre-Validation Activities:
§ Communicating/kick-off pre-validation window to complete tasks prior to change.
§ Follow-up as needed to obtain closure and completion of pre-validation activities
§ Document Pre-Validation completion
o Implementation Window
§ Complete role responsibilities you are assigned for the change (Lead or support role)
§ Facilitate change bridge, distribute hourly status updates and document change activities
§ Timestamp procedures and cable moves
§ Monitor Whiteboard for Incidents
§ Engage support teams as needed to remediate issues
o Implementation Post-Validation Activities
§ Contact verifiers and follow-up as needed, to complete post-change validation activities and close change tasks.
§ Upload Post-Change documentation to the repository.
§ Close the Change record
· Post Change Activities
o Conduct Recap Meeting
§ Update master schedule to reflect status of the change.
§ Review documents for completion and upload artifacts to the repository.
o Document holdovers as needed
  • § Coordinate with Change Manager the items required for holdover change along with the reasons for holdover

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