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Cyber Security Engineer

Gurgaon, Haryana
Role: Cyber Security Engineer
Location: DLF, Gurgaon, Haryana
Duration: FullTime
Requirements/Job Duties
  • BS or MS in Computer Science or Information Security or equivalent
  • Strong grasp of authentication principles, such as MFA, OTP and challenge-response
  • Understanding of web application security, common web vulnerabilities and WAF controls
  • Ability to assess cyber risk of a proposed application or project
  • Ability to use common networking tools like Nmap, curl and Wireshark
  • Ability to use common security tools, like Metasploit, Jon the Ripper, and Mimi Katz
  • Understanding of common network security protocols such as TLS and Kerberos
  • Familiarity with Linux/UNIX and Windows based systems
  • Knowledge of concepts involving public keys, certificates and digital signatures
  • Ability to read and understand technical vulnerability disclosures, then explain them
  • Ability to think critically and objectively, and use data to solve problems
  • Ability to independently handle multiple tasks, prioritize and meet deadlines
  • Excellent communication skills, on both technical and non-technical issues

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