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REMOTE - DataCenter Architect & Engineers

Raritan, NJ
Job Title: Datacenter Architect/Engineer
Duration: 6+ Months
Location: REMOTE (Occasional travel to NJ)
Note: This is a 6 month project that will require managing change windows in the data center during weekends.  We expect at least 1 weekend per month for each engineer and potentially 2 weekends per month.  This is remote work with occasional travel to NJ.  Preferred resources are in EST, and proximity to NJ ideal.  Target is to manage the hours so that resources are working 40 hours per week.
Job Description
Currently, data centers in Raritan, NJ and Ashburn, VA have two (2) primary network topologies; a traditional multi-tier network design and a newer spine/leaf design. The goal of this project is collapse existing zones from within the traditional multi-tier architecture to leaves on the spine/leaf architecture. At the time of writing there are approximately thirty-one (31) zones defined in Raritan and tagged by network architecture team with the following target dispositions: nine (9) retirements, fifteen (15) transformations, and seven (7) migrations. In Ashburn there are eleven (11) zones tagged with the following target dispositions: two (2) retirements; seven (7) transformation; and two (2) migrations for consideration under this SOW. 
The project is expected to break down into two phases where phase one will last approximately two months and phase two will continue until December 31, 2019. In phase one of the project, will work alongside the Customer team to perform discovery and evaluation to determine a high level design (HLD) to migrate, transform, or retire zones. In the first month of phase one a Solution Architect and Network Design/Implementation Engineer will begin HLD work with the customer team as well as work with the program manager and customer team to begin prioritization of zones for further assignment. Formalization of program governance and documentation standards and team procedures will also occur at this time. In week four, three additional Network Design/Implementation Engineers will be onboarded to join the team for the second month of phase one. In the second month of phase one, HLD work will continue, prioritization will be refined and the development of a “t-minus” schedule to target and track progress will occur. LLD work and implementation may also begin. In phase two of the project, both will work to finalize remaining HLD work, create LLDs and implementation plans, execute implementation procedures to transform zones, complete documentation and knowledge transfer activities, and manage ongoing work streams.
Analysis and Design 
Data gathering to define current state to develop a high-level design document that will determine future state.
▪Create the high level design (HLD) package as described in the deliverables section of this
−Assess and understand current network architecture
−Assess and understand current data center services
−Design target network architecture for each zone including hardware and versions, connectivity, visios, and level-of-effort estimates
▪Develop Low-Level Design based on the approved site design template
−Identify all protocols and features to be used
−Document IP scheme
−Capture naming conventions
−Document port allocations for services
−Develop device configurations based on the existing devices being replaced
−Update Visio diagrams to reflect new devices
−Identify sequence of activity, phases of migrations, and schedule of change windows
−Identify and document points of potential service impact and estimated duration
−Create necessary configuration scripts as needed depending on migration
−Create rollback/back-out plan and configurations
−Identify outage windows and schedule with onsite contacts
−Formally create Methods-of-Procedure (MOP) documentation to serve as a guide during deployment and migration
s−Identify pre-deployment and post-deployment testing criteria
−Identify requisite test points such as critical nodes and endpoints
−Develop procedures to record pre-deployment state
−Develop device-specific test procedures to validate device functionality and readiness
−Develop site-specific test procedures to perform post-migration validation of proper failover and end-to-end connectivity for the all site nodes and network services
MatchPoint Solutions | Office 310-961-4644| Email: joseph@matchpointsolutions.com

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