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MapR/ Python Programmer

Location: San Fransisco, California
Job # 11131463
Date Posted: 07-10-2018
Description MapR/Python Programmer
San Francisco, CA
Things done with Python:
  • Built an application, toolkit or framework of consisting of at least 6 python files organized into two or more packages.
  • Used the standard libraries: abc, threading, unittest, os, sys, pickle, sqlite3, queue, multiprocessing, socket, pdb, timeit, etc.
  • Has profiled code to diagnose performance bottleneck
  • Understands advanced features of the languages, including decorators, metaclasses, reflection and makes good choices about when to use these features in small doses
  • Basic understanding of the CPython Interpreter
Nice to have in Python:
  • Has used the Python scientific packages, Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib and Simpy
3rd Party Python Packages:
  • Jupyter Client
  • Jupyter Core
  • Ipykernel
  • Ipywidgets
  • Dill
  • Wrapping C Libraries in Python Code
Things done with Spark:
  • Handled an array of data 10TB or more in size where the amount of available memory is 1TB or less.
  • Basic understanding of the spark architecture in a cluster environment
  • Wrote custom algorithms to do whatever, e.g. count number of times a regex is found, small scale simulation
  • Solid understanding of computer science fundamentals (Threads/Processes, Linux OS, Networking, Object-Oriented/Procedural/Functional Programing, Dynamic Languages vs Static Languages, Trees and their algorithms)
  • Education or experience with Math (Calculus – Integrations/Derivatives and other complex calculations)
  • Basic understanding of how compilers work
  • Has written meaningful programs in C or C++
  • Software Lifecycle: Unit Testing, Functional Testing, Debugging, Documenting, User Feedback, Git, Jira bug tracker, Code Refactoring
  • Most importantly friendly attitude, team player and good thinker who likes to discuss things.
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